In English

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Energy and is also a word used to describe a System of Natural Healing. Clients remain fully dressed during a session. In essence, Reiki treatments can help the body heal physically, emotionally and/or spiritually. People generally feel very relaxed during and after a session and often experience relief from a whole range of symptoms. So when a holiday is out of the question, try an hour of Reiki treatment to restore your mental and emotional balance.

Traditionally we start with Four Days of Reiki, where you receive treatment on four consecutive days. This can offer a more intense Reiki treatment process than weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions. In Reiki we believe the true cause of illness lies on the non-physical levels of mind, emotions and spirit, so true healing follows a change on one of these levels. While no guarantees can be given, partly because Reiki will go where it needs to (not necessarily where the client or practitioner want!), some people find that Four Days of Reiki can be a profound experience that helps profound change to occur. It calls for commitment on the part of recipient and practitioner, it is a clear intention to make a change.
Issues people have tried Four Days of Reiki for include:

  • wanting to see change in a chronic condition
  • feeling stuck in life
  • seeking a new direction
  • looking for a health issue breakthrough

Four Days of Reiki is also a good introduction to Reiki if you have never received it before.
Fee: €95,- for a Reiki treatment of 90 minutes.

A First Degree class is taught in four, two and a half hour sessions. Within the class, a student receives the initiations, listens to the history of Reiki, learns the basic hand positions for self-treatment and the treatment of others, and begins to discover ways to use Reiki in their daily lives.
Fee : €350,-

A Second Degree class is given to students who have felt the calling to go further into the practice.  This comes with a year or more of practice after the First Degree class.
Fee: €650,-