Show gratitude to every living thing

Last week, when our argument was over, my husband said, “you are still here! This is the first time you didn’t walk away or raise your voice when we have an argument.” I felt proud. I didn’t go into the familiar feelings of not being seen or heard or understood when we disagreed. I didn’t take my attention away from the subject and started blaming him for other things, because the feeling of presumed failure was too painful. This time I stayed present. 

From the many gifts I received from my Reikimaster Willemijn, her greatest gift is that she showed me how to live a life without drama. To stay in connection, even when we disagree. 

I used to fight for what I needed, be smart to be heard, be pretty to be seen. She showed me another way. With endless patience and compassion and love, she led by example and taught me I just have to be. It gave me a new life. I am grateful for this gift and the gift of Reiki. From the Talmud: Whoever saves a life, saves the world.