Just for today, do not worry

In this new quarantine situation, every morning our family huddles together around the kitchen table for homeschooling and homeworking. We’re lucky to have a large table, so there is enough space for everyone. If the children need help with their work, or with their motivation, we are there. We take breaks together. We make new arrangements and new rules. This situation literally brings us closer together. With the beautiful and the difficult sides. It reflects how we are doing as a family.

At a larger scale, how we are doing as a whole also lies under a magnifying glass. In this standstill, it becomes even clearer how burnt-out mankind and the earth are. We are all sensitive to the collective fear. Just by watching the news, opening emails, scrolling the timeline of your social media you can feel it in your body. Our minds know this will pass but there is so much insecurity and so little control. This can be stressful. Even more stressful when you find yourself in a burnt-out state.

By practicing Reiki our minds and bodies become one with the universe. There is no stress and no fear. By finding this place of harmony in our self and connecting to it by practising hands-on healing, meditation or reciting the precepts, we fill up the container of trust in our self. Connecting to the world around us from that place of trust gives peace of mind and peace of heart. For ourselves and for the world around us. If we do this together a new conscious dynamic will arise at kitchen tables and in the world at large.