Just for today, do not anger

“Keep your children indoors! They touch everything with their filthy little hands! They are not keeping a distance! They’ll transmit disease to vulnerable elderly!” There was a lot going on in the Facebook group of my neighborhood. I switched off my computer. This is not about children playing outside. It’s about adults experiencing fear.

I sense a lot of fear in the world around me. That makes sense. We are so used to being in control. To know what’s next. To have clear vision. To plan ahead. And now our future is unsure.

At first sight, it looks like the virus of fear is about the Coronavirus, but I don’t believe it’s just that. It’s also about acknowledging our own fears. The older fears we almost forgot about. They are triggered by the mondial fear of the Coronavirus. So, as humans we are challenged to step into our inner authority and own our fears. Take the time to listen to what they are telling. And if it’s hard, remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Reach out. Ask for help. We’re in this together.

By practicing Reiki our bodies relax. We breath deeper. We soften. We see things more clearly. And by having the courage to transform our fears, we set an example for the next generation. For the children that play outside so carelessly.