Honor your parents, teachers and elders

“…and then I was told to bow. So, I did. And I instantly felt better” he ended his teaching. In family constellations it’s a common intervention, to bow. A beautiful and effective way of honoring ‘what is’, without judgement or approval. It is used when a situation can’t be changed, and we need to make peace with it in ourselves.

We all come from ancestors who survived all kinds of disasters. War, loss, illness. And they continued their life, nonetheless. Often, without speaking about their pain and sorrow, without complaining. They kept calm and carried on. And they passed on the gift of life. 

This pandemic is a different kind of disaster. It shows us the result of too much carrying on. So much so that we lost our balance in our relationship with each other and Mother Nature. Let’s take a pause and honor the gift that we are given: this life on this planet. Let’s make sure we have a gift to pass on. 

Let’s bow.